All your meeting info in one place

Do you have more meetings than you can manage? Maybe even across multiple organizations? Let OnTopic do the heavy lifting for you. One single tool allows you to create, manage and share all your agendas, minutes, actions and decisions – across all your organizations. You get the big picture, while we make sure that each of your organizations has its own secure workspace.

Get things done

Get ready for some action! Assign actions to team members for each topic. Between meetings, the action owner can report back on progress or mark an action as ‘completed’. Your team’s action list is up to date even before the meeting begins! All changes to an action are saved in an action log. Your team has never been more productive.

Professional agendas and minutes… in seconds

Tired of copying last week’s agenda and mailing agendas, attachments, minutes and action lists to team members? OnTopic automatically generates your agenda with all relevant topics in seconds. Record minutes during the meeting and share them in real time. Click ‘publish’ and you’re good to go. OnTopic has your ‘offline’ team members covered too: sending professional looking PDFs is just one click away.

The entire topic at a glance

In meetings, we discuss topics. This requires access to all relevant information about a topic: personal notes, minutes, history, actions and so on. The last thing you want, is to have all this valuable information scattered across all kinds of documents – like agendas, minutes, lists of actions and decisions. In OnTopic, we show all relevant information on one topic in one single screen.

History at your fingertips

What did we discuss last month? What’s the status on this again? Who was supposed to do what? What did we decide on this, and why? In OnTopic, full history is only a click away. For each topic, and even for every single action. Let OnTopic become your corporate memory!

Get the right people in the room

Stop wasting your own and other people’s time by organizing meetings in which only a few topics are relevant to all attendees. Simply invite guests to attend the topics that matter to them. And no worries: they won’t have access to other topics in the meeting.

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